Homefront Ad Scares YouTube Users

By Colin Tan on March 14, 2011, 7:10PM EDT

A YouTube advertisement for upcoming first person shooter, Homefront, was spotted by Australian users. The ad had Hilary Clinton alongside news anchor graphics and captions that read "Breaking News: North Korea Attacks." Needless to say, some people were scared senseless.

Homefront, out tomorrow, features a powerful narrative where the United States of America has been occupied by communist North Korea. It's a first person shooter that doesn't pull any punches, the fictional war has been brought to US soil and only a small resistance force dares take up arms against their enemy.

Comments from users include,

"Almost freaked out at the YouTube homepage banner ad for Homefront, thinking it was a real headline on a North Korean attack. Not cool."

"I find the front page advertisement for "HomeFront" on Youtube to be offensive. I thought North Korea had actually attacked. Misleading."

"not sure if the "˜North Korea Attacks' Youtube banner ad for Homefront is the most tasteful use of advertising i've ever seen."

This isn't the first time a game's subject matter has come under public scrutiny, with EA having changed the Taliban moniker in the latest Medal of Honor to OpFor due to complaints from angry families.

Source: GamingBolt.com

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