Iwata: Game Development Is Drowning

By Shawn Collier on March 2, 2011, 3:11PM EDT

The advent of Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPad has created an entirely new segment in the handheld market for games and other applications. While this segment has increased dramatically over the past few years, some, namely Nintendo's Satoru Iwata, don't think this is the best thing for gaming.

Speaking at the 2011 Games Developers Conference in San Francisco, Iwata said:

"Our industry has certainly expanded but it also gives me concern. It is difficult to gain true hit status. With such competition even being noticed is extremely difficult...Game development is drowning."

He further goes on to state that these developers don't care as much about maintaining a high value of standards, instead focusing on "quantity" to gain profit. Those are some pretty strong words from Iwata, and while there are some gems on the App Store, it is clear that a number of the titles do reflect his thoughts on the matter.

Source: MCV

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