Kojima Set To Announce Two Titles At E3, Perhaps Metal Gear Solid 5?

By Colin Tan on March 22, 2011, 10:44PM EDT

It's that time of the year again when rumours start to sprout like rabbits in heat. E3's just around the corner and the hottest rumour out of UK games magazine PSM3 is that Hideo Kojima is set to announce two new titles at the convention, one of which might possibly by Metal Gear Solid 5.

"MGS maestro Hideo Kojima's got some big announcements for E3 in June: one a quasi-logical step for an existing game, the other... well, we'd be shocked if MGS5 wasn't on the table at some stage. Or under it. In a box."

Speculation is rife with some screaming Zone of the Enders 3 while others believe it to be the next Metal Gear Solid. It wouldn't be a surprise of Kojima announced something to do with both the PS3 and Sony's new handheld, the NGP. Goodness knows how long the man has been going on about cloud gaming.

Source: PS3Center.net

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