Multiplayer Split-Screen And Dual Log-In Confirmed For Resistance 3

By Colin Tan on March 21, 2011, 9:15PM EDT

Insomniac's community manager James Stevenson has confirmed that players will be able to enjoy some good, old school split-screen multiplayer action in Resistance 3. To top it off, players can log in to their individual PSN accounts, instead of hopping in as a guest like in most other titles.

"Yeah, it's going to be a late add. We will have dual split-screen log-in, though it probably won't be something you can play until the final version of the game ships (ie, not in the beta)," Stevenson replied to a prior post asking about split-screen multiplayer.

Resistance 3 features online and offline co-op, as well as a humble 16 player competitive online mode, which is a much smaller and focused endeavour compared to Resistance 2's chaotic 60 player online games. In addition, much wanted features like the weapon wheel finally return.

Resistance 3 is out September 6 exclusively on the PS3.


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