Panasonic Jungle Scrapped Due To 'Market Changes'

By Darryl Kaye on March 1, 2011, 7:53PM EDT

It's been revealed that Panasonic's Jungle console has been cancelled. It was revealed last year, but never really gained any traction, mainly because it was supposed to be a handheld console to play MMOs.

As soon as the console was announced in October, analysts already predicted that it would fail. Billy Pidgeon from M2 Research said "The Jungle is a highly specialised dedicated portable for a non-existent market. This is an unprecedented hardware strategy, and probably for good reason. Frankly, this looks like a non-starter."

This is unfortunate, new hardware is always welcome in order to drive the market forward. But as Pidgeon stated, it was a niche product for a market that probably didn't want it.

Source: MCV

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