Senior Final Fantasy, Front Mission Figure Leaves Square Enix

By Shawn Collier on March 4, 2011, 5:24PM EDT

Square Enix has had a number of staff departures as of late, including laying off the majority of their music staff. It looks like another name will be added to that list, as the creator of Front Mission and the battle director of Final Fantasy XIII has been announced to have left the company.

Hiroaki Kusano (an ex-designer on the Front Mission series before he left the company) left a tweet earlier today stating that Toshiro Tsuchida had officially left the company. As stated before, the man was the creator of the Front Mission series, of which the latest entry, Front Mission: Evolved (handled by an outside developer), faced critical reviews in the press. His last job was the battle director of Final Fantasy XIII.

It's not currently known what caused him to leave his position, but he does join a long list of long-time employees who have the left the company in recent years.

Source: Twitter

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