Sony Finds Loophole Against LG's Anti-PS3 Injunction

By Darryl Kaye on March 2, 2011, 9:01AM EST

Sony has apparently found a way to bypass the patent injunction which Korean hardware company, LG, had managed to impose on them - effectively preventing them from importing any PS3 consoles into the region.

The loophole comes in that the ban only applies singular countries, and in this instance the ban is only being upheld in Holland. It just so happens though, that this is the same country that Sony routes all of its shipments through.

From Sony's perspective, what this means, is that if they were to import products into another region and distribute them from there, LG could do nothing to stop them. Well, unless they wanted to pursue a similar injunction in potentially every single European State.

It seems as though this battle is going to go on for quite some time, so it'd probably be best to grab some popcorn, throw on those 3D specs and find a comfortable chair.

Source: MCV

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