The 3rd Birthday Director Hopes To Create Sequel On Home Consoles

By Colin Tan on March 17, 2011, 3:38AM EDT

Hajime Tabata, game director on The 3rd Birthday, a reboot of the classic Parasite Eve franchise, admitted in an interview with Siliconera that he would like to create the next Aya Brea game on a home console.

"If given the opportunity to create another game within this franchise, I would like to create what I call a 'cinematic shooter RPG' on a home console of the highest quality possible," said Tabata. "We've successfully revamped the series with this title [The 3rd Birthday], so I'm certain that we can have Aya Brea flourish in a subsequent game as the fans are garnering for."

"If we had been given more time on this project from the beginning, we would have switched platforms from the PSP to a home console. I would have then liked to have created a shooting-based survival RPG game, where the player is placed in an even more desperate situation, facing insurmountable odds and having to continually fight to survive."

He also noted that hardware limitations restricted the development of The 3rd Birthday: "Realizing the hardware and control limitations of the PSP, the game was designed to have firearms as the fundamental attack action within a lock-on action system. That's why the development differs from the development of a traditional TPS game. We also faced many difficulties outside of development."

Source: Siliconera

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