Uncharted Movie Will Have 'Romance And Sex'

By Darryl Kaye on March 2, 2011, 2:12PM EST

David O. Russell, the director of the upcoming Uncharted movie, has stated that he will try to show as much skin in the film as he can. Mark Wahlberg also teased some potential females who will appear in the movie.

Speaking to MTV Movies Blog, O. Russell said ""There's going to be romance and sex, I promise. Otherwise I'm not interested."

"I don't know if they'll let me make an R-Rated videogame movie. It'll have to be PG-13. I'll show as much skin and as much language as I can at that age, and I hope they push the limit," he continued.

Wahlberg mentioned that O. Russell had been talking about Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson appearing in the movie. Although he wouldn't confirm if they were penned in.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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