Warner Bros. To Appeal Mortal Kombat Australian Ban

By Beyhan on March 2, 2011, 10:22AM EDT

After the Australian Classification Board decided to ban the Mortal Kombat reboot in Australia, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment decided they weren't going to sit down and let this happen, so they've appealed the ban.

An official statement has been released by the publisher in relation to this appeal: "After careful consideration Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Australia have decided to appeal to the Australian Classification Review Board against the RC (Refused Classification) decision given to Mortal Kombat. After reviewing both the game play and the Board's original decision WBIE Australia believe the violence in the game is on par with numerous other titles readily available for sale in the Australian market. As such the company wants to exhaust all options to make the game available to Mortal Kombat fans in this country. An identical version of the game will be submitted for appeal."

The studio responsible for this game, NetherRealm Studios, has said in order to accommodate for the brutality which the franchise is famous for, the game is currently rated "Mature".

Source: CVG

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