343 Industries Expand The Halo Universe

By Darryl Kaye on April 13, 2011, 9:46AM EST

The Halo universe is set to be expanded by 343 Industries in the coming months, but not with a new game. Instead, they will be enhancing Halo Waypoint, producing a motion comic series and adding new Avatar items.

Halo Waypoint will receive a significant performance boost, making the experience much faster and smoother. Your Halo: Reach service record will also be fully accessible through Waypoint, allowing you to even compare your stats against other people.

The new motion comic, dubbed "The Mona Lisa", will debut on the 23rd of April on Halo Waypoint. It will be set shortly after the events of the original game. A small crew discover a prison ship called the "Mona Lisa", and face a terrifying foe on board.

A fresh line-up of Avatar Items will also be added to Xbox Live. These will include a new selection of Spartan helmets, and a Red vs. Blue t-shirt.

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