Best Buy Planning To Add 'Dedicated' Game Sales Clerks And Gaming Desks

By Colin Tan on April 19, 2011, 12:42AM EDT

Best Buy will be adding "dedicated" games sales clerks as well as gaming desks to their retail outlets solely for the purpose of expanding their video games department.

In a presentation, Best Buy senior vice president Chris Homeister described the initiative as a "gaming transformation" and a "drive toward number one industry position" in the video games market.

According to company data, Best Buy is currently behind retailers GameStop and Walmart when it comes to revenue from the games department. By adding "dedicated, informed, and engaged employees focused only on gaming," Best Buy hopes to turn the tables.

The new dedicated employees will be responsible for pushing what Homeister calls a "virtuous cycle," encouraging consumers to preorder and purchase not only the retail games, but also "exclusive digital add-ons" that then add trade-in points that customers can use towards another pre-order or purchase. Although, unlike GameStop, these trade-in points can be used towards any line of product within Best Buy's catalog.

The new expanded game departments will mostly take advantage of the shrinking music department, allowing more space for better dedication to video games.

Source: Gamasutra

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