BioWare Have New Unannounced Titles Still To Come

By Colin Tan on April 14, 2011, 8:17PM EDT

It may be a long wait for Mass Effect 3 this holiday season, but that's not all that BioWare has in store for fans. The Canadian studio has several other titles in the works including MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic and according to CEO Ray Muzyka, even more unannounced titles yet to come.

"We have a mix of old and new and licensed and internally built properties that have turned into licenses over time," Muzyka told Game Informer. "I think we're interested in all of those possibilities. We have some games that haven't been announced yet and some new platforms, some new genres that we haven't announced yet that we think will be pretty exciting."

"Obviously, we love science fiction. We love fantasy. We'd love to extend into some new things in the future, too. Some of the stuff we haven't announced yet I think the fans will really enjoy and hopefully be surprised and delighted," he added, assuring fans that BioWare won't lose sights of their roots.


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