Droplitz Gets A Price Drop

By Shawn Collier on April 14, 2011, 10:44PM EDT

Back in 2009, Atlus and Blitz Arcade released Droplitz, which we here at Gaming Union thought very highly of with a respectable score of 7/10. Atlus has just announced that the game's price has dropped for those who still haven't picked up the title.

The core gameplay involves rotating pipes (represented by circular icons on the gameboard) by using the A and B buttons on the Xbox 360 controller. This enables water droplets (aka Droplitz) to fall and collect in bins at the bottom, as well as specialized pipes that also act as collectors. As the player progresses, the Droplitz begin to move faster, so the game becomes a frantic race to rotate the pipes to open up a path to the collectors.

Those looking to purchase the game can now get it for 400 Microsoft Points, or $5. The title is also available sans discount on PSN, PC and iPhone.

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