Fans Lay Into Portal 2, Batter Its Metacritic Score

By Darryl Kaye on April 19, 2011, 12:45PM EDT

Despite Portal 2 being a critical darling right now, fans of the game don't seem to be viewing it the same way as they've launched a huge assault on its Metacritic user scores. Currently, while the critical rating is 95, the average user score is sitting down at 52.

Many fans have been left with a bitter taste, through what they can only see as money grabbing. Many users are complaining about three main things: a marketing campaign which did nothing but attempt to make extra cash; a campaign that's far too short; and DLC which arrived instantly.

In other words, they don't feel the game provides value for money. Here are some comments from the game's Metacritic page:

"It's shorter than some internet flash games i've played, is loaded with day 1 DLC, and has a terrible port from consoles. The price is 900% what it should be for what essentially amounts to less effort than most oblivion mods."

"This game is not worth the hype at all. The way Valve has been pushing this I was expecting the second coming of Christ but instead I got a niche, 4 hour long minigame. Worst of all is the cash shop... as if the $45 price tag for the game alone isn't enough."

"Another lazy sequel turned out to be a blatant cash cow, with 3-5 hours of gameplay. You should buy it if you wanna see Gabe getting ever more fattier."

"Ridiculous DLC on day 1! And both endings have been spoilt virally by Valve. And while the console versions were leaked 2 weeks early, the PC version was still subject to the gimmicky grab for cash to allow for a faster unlock via steam. Is this going to be the future of PC gaming? No wonder that PC gaming is dying."

Our review of Portal 2 will be published later in the week.

Source: Metacritic

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