First Starhawk Details Leaked, Official Reveal Coming In May

By Colin Tan on April 29, 2011, 12:32AM EDT

The first ever details of Starhawk have leaked. SystemLink PlayStation got the lo-down from an anonymous Sony employee, who revealed that the game will be announced before E3.

Starhawk is the sequel to Warhawk, a multiplayer-only third person shooter, complete with ground and air combat. Fans have been waiting years for word on a sequel, but as this information is still unofficial, take it all in with a pinch of salt.

The game is still PS3 exclusive and will ship only in retail. There will be no PSN download in lieu of the new game engine which is capable of farting out "stunning visuals." However, don't expect a gritty, realistic game. Starhawk retains the cartoony aesthetics of its predecessor, Warhawk.

Much of the core gameplay mechanics remain the same as Warhawk as well, you have you ground troops, armoured vehicles and aircraft, all of which will do battle on a massive map. Unfortunately, you will not be able to fly from a planet's atmosphere out into the void of space. There will be maps that are set within a planet and maps that are set in space - these maps will also have areas for ground troops to fight on.

Unlike Warhawk, Starhawk will also feature a single player campaign. Also, Starhawk is the official designation for the game.

Source: SystemLink PlayStation

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