High Quality Mass Effect 3 Scans, James Sanders A New Character

By Colin Tan on April 11, 2011, 12:48AM EDT

Higher quality scans of the Game Informer mag with new details on Mass Effect 3 are here. Amongst the bits of details is a profile blurb on the mysterious James Sanders, apparently he's a new character that will join Shepard in his fight against the reapers.

Some of you have asked if this Sanders is at all related to Kahlee Sanders from the Mass Effect novels or if he's the one soldier seen in the teaser trailer, BioWare couldn't confirm the former but said that he isn't the soldier we've been seeing in the trailer.

Here are the scans, check them out.

me3-1 me3-8 me3-3 me3-2 me3-5 me3-6 me3-7 me-10 me3-9 me3-12 me3-11

Source: GamingEverything.com

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