Hobby Magazine Reveals New Tomb Raider Details

By Colin Tan on April 30, 2011, 2:18AM EDT

Details on the new Tomb Raider game have surfaced via Spanish video game magazine Hobby. It's not all too different from the feature in French magazine Consoles Plus, but there is a blurb describing the start of the game, translation courtesy of NeoGAF.

"Lara wakes up tied up and hanging upside down in a dark cave, having no idea about how she got to that situation. The first thing is getting out of there. The solution to this task already shows the new spirit of this game: to release her from her captivity: we have to hurt Lara. Making her swing, we have to make her approach a torch to put her on fire. That way, her ties will burn and she will be released, but at the same time she gets burn as well. You see: you have to make her have a bad time to get out of the situation. But the problems haven't ended. Just after getting released, Lara falls over a bar of iron which punctures her in her side. With the face deformed by the pain, the young girl has to put it out rudely. We help her pressing a button as quickly as possible, in one of the common activities in this game: quick time events. While we are looking for an exit to the game we find an intriguing altar."

According to the magazine, the game will be making ample use of quicktime events for some of the more precarious situations that Lara will find herself in, such as escaping a collapsing cavern. The game's UI will also be kept to a minimum.

In addition, the new Tomb Raider won't be limited to a "fixed system of levels" like previous games. It's a bit more open-ended, although not to the extent of sandbox games: "This isn't a Grand Theft Auto or an Assassin's Creed of sorts," explained director Karl Stewart, "but we want to suggest the idea that Lara is in an open environment".

Stewart also emphasized on the puzzles in the game. Unlike previous Tomb Raider titles, it isn't simply about observing your environment. Players will have to think about how water and fire will react, how explosives work and how important gravity plays a role in the game world.

As mentioned earlier in the previous update on the new Tomb Raider game, Lara will be able to use her Survival Instincts to highlight elements in the world by graying out the non-essential bits and highlighting the clues in yellow. This doesn't sound all too different from Assassin's Creed's Eagle Vision.

The in-game camera will also utilize "innovative framings to add to the sensations of anguish or claustrophobia." The magazine notes that the game is being run on the new and improved Crystal Engine, which powered Tomb Raider Legends. A modified version of the engine is also being used to power Deux Ex: Human Revolution.

Crystal Dynamics also listed a few sources of their inspiration for the new Tomb Raider game, pointing out Half Life 2 for its use of physics; Uncharted and Nathan Drake's soliloquies, which are said to be mimicked by Lara in some way; Assassin's Creed's Eagle Vision; Bruce Wayne's path to becoming Batman in Batman Begins; 127 hours, in which actor James Franco portrayed a man who had to punish his body in order to survive; and finally, the mysterious atmosphere that was prominent in popular TV series, Lost.

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