Japanese Dev Recreates Ghost In The Shell Cyberspace With Kinect

By Colin Tan on April 19, 2011, 3:22PM EDT

A developer from Japanese company Kayac has managed to recreate a cyberspace app based on the popular Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime series using the Kinect and a couple of Apple computers.

Hooking the Kinect up to an Apple Mac Mini - ironic, I know, the program took two months to research and develop, with the team collaborating on visuals with anime production house Production IG.

The goal of the game is to catch the Tachikoma (a little spider tank robot) that's running about cyberspace. Using a number of body gestures, you can move around cyberspace. Reaching out with your hands will shoot out a number of rings at the Tachikoma.

Ghost in the Shell is a pretty big anime, one that deals with plenty of interesting themes, the most prominent being the cyberization of humanity and the concept of robotics and cyberspace.

Here's a short video of the game in action,

Source: DannyChoo.com

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