Keiji Inafune Starts Up Two New Companies

By Colin Tan on April 1, 2011, 1:32PM EDT

Keiji Inafune has opened up two new companies since leaving Capcom. The company names are Comcept and Intercept, with one focused entirely on game production and the other on a wider variety of entertainment forms.

According to the Comcept page, the company will deal with forms of entertainment outside the realms of video games, film and books. The company's based in Tokyo with another branch in Osaka and has a capital of 10 million yen (USD$120,000).

Intercept, on the other hand, will focus entirely on video game development, with Inafune describing the endeavour as "[his] new challenge for consumer game development." Inafune refers to three core values that the studio will take, including originality where works cannot be copied by others; gravity to pull consumers in; and Beyond the Age where works cross eras.

Inafune has scheduled a press conference on April 4 where he will reveal his plans for the future of his companies.

Source: Andriasang

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