Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Hits With Nintendo eShop Launch

By Colin Tan on April 21, 2011, 1:37PM EDT

Capcom have revealed that Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version will launch alongside Nintendo's 3DS eShop later in May. The game itself doesn't have a solid release date yet, so consider Prototype Version as what the name implies, a prototype.

Legends 3 introduces a new character, the "unbreakable, unshakeable" Barrett. You'll be able to play through a number of missions, but the game is still in the early stage of the development process. In addition, once players beat that, they'll have access to a debug mode and parts of the game that have yet to be completed.

You can watch the trailer below, it's the first proper footage of Legends 3 in action. Savour it.

Source: Joystiq

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