New Tomb Raider Scans And Details

By Colin Tan on April 28, 2011, 7:57PM EDT

Scans of the new Tomb Raider game have surfaced onto the web. French game magazine Consoles Plus has the dirty on the game and features a lot of new gameplay pictures as well as some details on the reboot of the classic franchise.

It's all in French though, so here's a few quick bulletpoints.

  • The game is split into three main cores, with each contributing to Lara's transformation into an adventurer: survival, rescue and escape.

  • The game's engine makes use of real-world physics and the laws of gravity for platforming and puzzle solving elements.

  • The transition between cinematic cutscenes and gameplay are seamless.

  • Facial emotions and pain are amplified by use of close-up camera shots.

  • Lara's equipment will signify the transformation she goes through from inexperience to an adventurer. You might see her dual pistols return.

  • "Survival Instinct" can be used when Lara isn't moving, it'll outline objects and elements in the world to help players progress when they're stuck.

  • There are many ways to solve puzzles and sometimes multiple attempts are required thanks to the laws of physics.

  • Buddha statues can be seen throughout the game, magazine suspects they're save points, but their real purpose remains a mystery.

  • Some elements of the world will crumble beneath Lara if she stands on it for too long.

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