Nintendo's 'Project Cafe' May Cost $299 Or Higher

By Colin Tan on April 20, 2011, 7:14PM EST

Nintendo's rumoured HD console, dubbed Project Cafe, may easily cost around $299 to $349, but industry analyst Jessie Divnich believes that the Wii successor won't have any problems "obtaining the attention and praise" of video game market.

"The Wii did that quite well early on, and while many hardcore gamers quickly shelved their Wii, we all have to admit that we own one and enjoyed some of the greatest first-party titles in the market," Divnich said to NowGamer.

Divnich also noted that whatever Nintendo has in store, it won't use the Wii name. So there goes the Super Wii and Wii 64.

"Any Wii successor - and trust me, its successors name will not include the word 'Wii' - will have to gain praise among the core video game market. With the strongest first-party brands in entertainment, I have no doubt that any Wii successor will gain the attention of the core video game community."

While Divnich would not predict the actual cost of the system, he suggested that the $299 and $349 price tag seemed like an "appropriate price range to entice the core community."


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