NIS America Announces Disgaea 4 Release Date, Commences Naming Contest

By Colin Tan on April 7, 2011, 11:21PM EST

Hot damn, NIS America have announced the release date for Disgaea 4! The classic tactical RPG returns with all new HD visuals and even more over-the-top game mechanics this September. See the official website here!

For the Disgaea virgins out there, the series is known for its addicting gameplay and witty characters. From hitting level 9999 to doling out damage points that range within the millions, it's been a staple to of the tactical RPG genre since its debut in 2003.

In addition, NIS America have also launched their Come up with Dis-name-a contest, where fans stand a chance to name a dark sword, ability, as well as a "scantily clad NPC." Winner gets said names put in the game. The contest runs until April 21, so don't miss your chance. Head on over to the official contest page for more information!

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