Persona 3 Portable Finally Nails European Release Date

By Colin Tan on April 1, 2011, 1:48PM EDT

Persona 3 Portable hit North America and Japan earlier last year to much acclaim, but still with no release date in Europe in sight. Today, Atlus' popular title has finally nailed a solid release date in Europe.

Persona 3 Portable hits European shores on April 29. The announcement came through European publisher Ghostlight, who said, "I am delighted to tell you that that the release date for Persona 3 Portable is drumroll the 29th of April. So remember to book the time off work, buy in the ready meals and teach the dog to walk itself."

P3P is an enhanced edition of the PS2 version, with a whole new playable character, updated and improved game mechanics, including a revamped battle system based on what Persona 4 employed.

Publisher Ghostlight also has plans for releasing a collector's edition for the game.

Source: CVG

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