PlatinumGames Challenges Fellow Developers, Says They've Lost Their Vigour

By Darryl Kaye on April 3, 2011, 10:38AM EDT

PlatinumGames has declared themselves "the face of Japanese game studios on the world stage", as they believe the rest of Japanese game companies have "lost their vigour".

In an open letter posted on the PlatinumGames website, the company's president and CEO Tatsuya Minami offered a very dim view on his contemporaries, saying that "Japanese games that garner worldwide acclaim are slipping away."

He pointed the finger directly at people taking the easy route, by producing numerous sequels and rip-offs, effectively restricting their own creativity.

"I believe that games exist to offer fresh surprises to those who play them. As members of the games business, we have always pursued the creation of the new, and we take pride in doing our part to support our industry.

"However, the current games business is struggling. The 'fresh surprises' I mention are becoming few and far between, especially in our home of Japan. Not so long ago, Japan lead the world's games business, and it was not a stretch to call games a uniquely Japanese speciality; however, now it appears that Japanese games companies have lost their vigour."

He rounded out the letter by issuing a challenge to the rest of the Japanese developers and stating that they aren't going to compromise on their ideals like so many others have.

"We aim to bring happiness to gamers worldwide. We seek to ignite a Japanese games revival. And our troops will have the highest morale.

"We're in this fight for the long haul."

Since PlatinumGames was founded in 2006, the company has released four separate games, none of them sequels. All of their titles, but most notably Bayonetta, have been a critical success. Their next title is due for release later this year, it's called Anarchy Reigns.

Source: Platinum Games

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