PSN Still Down, Sony Has No ETA On Fix

By Colin Tan on April 25, 2011, 2:38PM EDT

PlayStation Network is still down and Sony have an update for anxious users: they have no idea when it'll be back up.

"I know you are waiting for additional information on when PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be online. Unfortunately, I don't have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time," wrote SCEE blog manager James Gallagher.

"As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we're working to get them back online quickly. Will keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience."

This marks the fifth day since the service was shut down due to an "external intrusion," Sony previously reported that they'll be rebuilding PSN in order to strengthen the service, which will surely take more than just several days if they seriously mean rebuilding from the ground up.

Source: PlayStation EU Blog

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