Rumour: PlayStation Network Returning WIth Cross-Game Chat

By Beyhan on April 27, 2011, 10:06AM EDT

After seven days of being offline, potentially being hacked and with private information possibly compromised, the PlayStation Network has gone through a plethora of problems. A rumour has come out today which talks about implementing cross-game chat and in-game video chat.

According to a supposed Sony Computer Entertainment employee posting on the Engadget forum, PSN will come back, bigger and better. "As we are rebuilding the network, we are taking into consideration in implementing features such as cross game chat and in-game video chat to name a few. I cannot confirm any new features at this time but expect a massive update when the network is restored," they said.

Of course, we cannot trust easily without official confirmation, but the user in question has been posting reliable PSN news and information for some months now.

Source: CVG

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