Take A Long Hard Look At Senran Kagura For The 3DS

By Colin Tan on April 14, 2011, 6:56PM EDT

Marvelous' new side-scrolling action adventure for the Nintendo 3DS is a little title known as Senran Kagura. It features a group of ninja girls in high school and plenty of ninja action.

According to Andriasang, players are to make use of dashes, double jumps, aerial combos and whatnot in order to lay the smackdown on enemies. You can juggle them up in the air as well, leaving enemies little chance to land a hit on the girls.

You may be asking, if it's on the 3DS, then why is it a 2D side-scrolling game? Well, Senran Kagura makes use of the 3DS' 3D camera for quick cut-in shots of the girls in action. Did I mention that their clothes also rip away as they take damage? And you thought Ar tonelico Qoga was awesome bad enough.

Famitsu has plenty of images and screenshots of the game if you're feeling a bit curious.

Game's out this Summer in Japan.

Source: Andriasang

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