Take A Look At The Disgaea 4 Complete Figure Set, All 9 Figures Revealed

By Colin Tan on April 22, 2011, 2:15PM EDT

NIS America recently announced the Premium/Super Premium Editions of Disgaea 4, which is set for release in September, it comes packed with the game, soundtrack, art book and a figure of one of the main characters, Fuka. The Super Premium Edition, however, comes with an additional nine figures and here they are.

Looks like fans will get a figure of Prinny, Fallen Angel Flonne, Flonne, Axel, DESCO, Emizel, Fenrich, Valvatorez and Vulcanus together with the soundtrack, art book and game in the Super Premium Edition.

Disgaea 4, Nendoroid, Trading Arts, Fuuka, FukaAs for the Fuka figure, we've confirmed with NIS America that while Japan got the Nendoroid version, the West will be getting the version from the same line of trading art figures as the other nine. See the pic for comparisons.

Disgaea 4 hits this Fall with all its glorious over-the-top gameplay, exclusively on the PS3.

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