Tales of Graces f Platform Announcement Expected Monday

By Shawn Collier on April 2, 2011, 1:00PM EST

Namco Bandai has been on a roll lately, announcing a bevy of new games for this year, including Tales of Graces f, Dark Souls and Ace Combat Assault Horizon. With the company's first fiscal quarter just wrapping up, it's looking like the company is set to announce more information about their titles.

Earlier in the week when a Twitter user asked Richard Bantegui, Namco Bandai's official community manager, about any new Tales games for the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo 3DS, he stated the following:

currently working on Tales of Graces : F for ??????

As fans of the series already know, Tales of Graces f is a PS3 port of the original game on the Wii with improved graphics and new content. Because of this, rumors have surfaced that Namco Bandai may port the game to the Wii alongside the PS3 version when the game is released in North America later this year.

Later in the week, Richard put out another tweet stating that next Monday would have something "cool" to be shared. While this can't be confirmed until next Monday, Namco Bandai may be planning to reveal more information about the game and their other 2011 titles.

We'll be covering whatever news breaks, so be sure to check back next Monday to see what happens.

Source: Twitter

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