Use The 3DS Gyroscope To Fly The Arwing In Star Fox 64 3D

By Colin Tan on April 27, 2011, 4:39AM EDT

Nintendo have revealed in a financial report that players will be able to fly the infamous Arwing in Star Fox 64 3D with the 3DS' built-in gyroscope.

"In addition, on July 14, we are planning to release 'Star Fox 64 3D,' which is a newly-arranged version of 'Star Fox 64,' the most well-known game of all the 3D shooting games in the time of Nintendo 64," reads the report, "and in which we offer a new feature that uses a gyro sensor to control Arwing, who flies around the 3D space."

Keep in mind though that using the gyroscope kind of makes the whole 3D effect moot, as seen with Super Monkey Ball 3D.

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