3DS Firmware Update Pushed Back To June 7, Includes Internet Browser

By Colin Tan on May 12, 2011, 1:36AM EDT

Famitsu previously detailed Nintendo's upcoming 3DS firmware update to include the ever elusive eShop and that it would be available for download sometime this month. However, according to Nintendo themselves, the update has been hit with a delay and won't see the light of day until June 7.

It's a mystery why that is.

Technically, the update will go live the evening of June 6 Pacific Standard Time. The date is coincidentally, or not so much, in tandem with Nintendo's E3 presentation.

The update will also allow DSi users to import their DSiWare content onto their 3DS. In addition, according to Nintendo's website, the 3DS web browser will be ready by June 7.

Source: Nintendo

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