Asura's Wrath Director Talks Comparisons With A Certain God of War

By Colin Tan on May 18, 2011, 2:24PM EDT

We've all, presumably, seen the trailers for Capcom and CybcerConnet2's Asura's Wrath. We've all also heard the comparisons to a certain God of War. PlayStation's James Gallagher managed to discuss the finer points of the upcoming game with director Seiji Shimoda, here's what he had to say.

"First of all I'm honored for Asura's Wrath to be mentioned in the same breath as God of War "“ I have played it and it's an incredible game. Superficially, there are some resemblances but we're hoping that, as you see more of Asura's Wrath, you're going feel that it's something completely different; that it doesn't really compare with anything else in action gaming."

Shimoda explained that the game will be making use of boss fights "to heighten the drama of the story," instead of just sticking them at the end of a level as an "action set-piece."

In particular, the team is working various camera angles in order to make it "feel [like] part of the game" and "not just a lens to view it through."

"We've tried to make the camera feel part of the game, not just a lens to view it though, so that the action and the drama feel grander, if you will," he said. "So to take today's example, we've placed the camera in a position that makes the boss seem huge. In the fighting sequences, you want the camera really close up so that each punch is at its most visceral."

"We keep going through this internal self-critique over camera placement and you're going to see that it's not there for the sake of being there, but it almost feels like another character."

Also, CC2 will be offering dual language options between English and Japanese when the game releases some time in 2012.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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