Capcom Expects Huge Sales From PS3 This Year

By Colin Tan on May 23, 2011, 2:42PM EDT

Capcom is expecting some big sales coming out of the PS3 this year. While the Japanese developer/publisher is supporting just about every other console, PS3 is expected to spearhead revenue generation with at least 8 million units sold across 16 titles.

It's almost double the amount Capcom expects out of the Xbox 360: 4.7 million units across some 14 titles. In addition, Capcom have also charted 3/DS titles to sell 2.4 million units across nine titles, followed by the PSP with 2.2 million units across 11 titles.

Capcom recently announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD for the PS3, part of Sony's new "PSP Remaster" brand. The company also has a couple of new titles in the pipeline, including Dragon's Dogma and Asura's Wrath.

Source: Capcom

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