Cladun x2 Official Site Launches

By Colin Tan on May 28, 2011, 12:52AM EST

NIS America have launched the official site for Cladun x2, sequel to the charming dungeon crawler of the same name minus the x2. The game is set for release exclusively on PlayStation Network for PSP this Summer.

Not a whole lot of information is up on the site at the moment, but it does have an awfully cute set-up that lets you explore the site's different sections as though it were part of the game.

The characters section has a blurb on a new character, Parchmin, with more on the way no doubt. He's the administrator for Arcanus Cella, the world in which Cladun is set, and acts as an advisor for the Main Character. Expect tons of pop-culture references from the bugger.

You can also check out the two new classes, Saint and Ranger. The former of which is a healing specialist while the latter is more of a ranged, agility based class.

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