Didn't You Know? Robots Love To Sing, Portal 2 Soundtrack Available Now

By Colin Tan on May 25, 2011, 3:42PM EST

Aperture Science aren't just known for making stable quantum portals, or for crushing space rocks and creating physics modifying gels. They love them some soothing jazz and as such, have released "the first of three downloadable aural stimulus packages."

"Whether you're a mega-science corporation with decades of test experience, or a young start-up liberating your first test subject from non-testing with a chloroform-soaked rag, Aperture guarantees results. Wake up your test subject, open the chamber door, and press play--let Aperture's patent-pending rhythmic compliance enhancers do the rest."

The first album, Songs To Test By, features 22 tracks from the game. Unfortunately, Coulton's Want You Gone is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps GLaDOS is just suffering from stage fright "” unlikely, I know, but it's a thought.

Source: Think With Portals

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