En Masse Details Crafting, Weapons and Customization In TERA

By Colin Tan on May 10, 2011, 3:12PM EDT

En Masse Entertainment, publisher of Bluehole's upcoming MMO TERA, have released the goods on TERA's crafting, weapons and customization system.

According to them, crafting involves more than just clicking buttons. Players will be globetrotting for "rare blueprints and mythic elements" before hitting up the forges.

Customizing weapons and armour involves the use of crystals. Sticking one into a weapon can boosts its attack strength and knock enemies down, stun them, reveal their weak points or ever poison the target. Stick the right crystal into a set of armour and it may potentially boost your defence or even grant extra mana for the spellcaster.

In addition, even if players pick up loot that they don't need, they can still make use of it by way of enchantment.

"A sword-wielding warrior, for example, can take the magic energy from an axe and transfer it to a favorite sword, making the sword more powerful. Repeat the enchanting process enough, and the player will 'unlock' new abilities and powers for the item."

That's not all. TERA not only lets you customize your weapons and armour, but yourself as well. Magic spells and attacks can be customized with magical bonuses by way of glyphs.

"The right glyph can make a berserker's axe swing more swiftly, for example, or make an archer's arrows fly farther. Glyph choice enables new battlefield tactics"”like a numbing arrow that deadens the nerves of the enemy it hits"”and it poses interesting strategic questions for the player. Would a sorcerer prefer a fireblast that launches more quickly, or a fireblast that uses less magic energy?"

Sounds good? We think so. TERA's bound for release sometime this year, En Masse will be showing the game off at E3, we'll let you know if you we extract any more details from them.

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