Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Blowout

By Colin Tan on May 21, 2011, 5:41PM EDT

Square Enix today revealed quite a bit of information on Final Fantasy Type-0, presenting a demonstrations of various portions of the game, including the basics, battle system, multiplayer and even an airship that players will be able to fly across the realm of Orience.

First off, the two character Rem and Machina are rather important to the game's story and they're part of an elite class: Class Zero. The two characters are designed by Tetsuya Noumra. The Moogle that director Hajime Tabata conversed with in the demonstration will share key points in the world's history.

In addition, Tabata also notes that the world map in Type-0 is as what Final Fantasy vets have come to expect from the series. It's massive, with plenty of things to explore. Towns litter the field in which players can visit and do some shopping. There are encounter-based battles, although we aren't sure if these are random, as well as dungeons to explore.

More importantly, Tabata took Rem to the school's gate, promptly selecting the docking bay for the game's airship. At this point, the airship is used in a similar manner to Final Fantasy X-2, selecting predetermined destinations from maps. There are playable sequences with the air-ship where players have free control of the flying contraption. You'll even be able to shoot at enemy ships!

Tabata also explained some points of the battle system. Players will absorb a form of energy from defeated enemies called "Phantoma." Absorbing this energy replenishes MP. It can also be used to upgrade and customize magic.

He also pointed out the differences between world maps. Some of which are battle maps and since the world is at war in Type-0, there will be armies engaged in battled directly on these maps.

As for the main missions, players will be given the choice to toggle multiplayer on or off. Tabata also describes the multiplayer as something similar to fighting games where challengers interrupt your game. Except, in this case, players interrupt to support your party.

For the single player mode, players can swap between a party of three. There's a a system Tabata calls "Instantaneous Death Battle," where an enemy will glow red indicating an opportunity to kill the bugger instantly.

Source: Andriasang

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