GRIN Points Finger At Square Enix For Failed 'Fortress' Project

By Colin Tan on May 29, 2011, 6:31PM EDT

Swedish video game developer GRIN is pointing the finger at Square Enix for some unreasonable work conditions regarding project "Fortress," the rumoured Final Fantasy spinoff that they had been working on before they shut their doors.

According to a story published by Aftonbladet, GRIN co-founders Ulf and Bo Andersson claim that Square Enix didn't pay them a dime for their troubles on Fortress, citing that the Japanese developer had already decided not to go ahead with the project due to creative differences.

"We wanted to come in and revolutionize Final Fantasy, which is exactly what they need," said one of the Anderssons. "The latest version sucks of course."

Early tech demo of Codename Fortress.

They even lifted concept art from Final Fantasy XII just to test the waters, calling them production shots for Fortress, to which Square Enix said, "it does not look like Final Fantasy."

At one point, Square Enix had apparently demanded the game's code and music files to be faxed to them. "It's as silly as it sounds," Bo Andersson remarked. "It is an impossible requirement, you can not send ASCII or binary codes on the fax. It is backward. Really retarded. It was almost a criminal activity."

GRIN had previously developed Terminator Salvation, Bionic Commando and Wanted: Weapons of Fate before filing for bankruptcy in 2009.

Source: Kotaku

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