Hackers Attacked PSN Through Amazon Servers

By Colin Tan on May 14, 2011, 2:50PM EDT

The hackers who attacked PSN last month may have used Amazon servers in order to launch their assault. According to a Bloomberg report, the hackers allegedly rented a server using Amazon's EC2 cloud service, the account has since been shut down.

The server was not attacked by hackers, but was registered legitimately using false information.

Amazon declined to comment, but the report added that, "the breach at Amazon is likely to call attention to concerns some businesses have voiced over the security of computing services delivered via others' remote servers, referred to as cloud computing."

According to the report, the FBI will likely subpoena Amazon as well: "The subpoena will give law enforcement a history of the transactions" and "more detailed information, including payment information and which credit card was used."

PlayStation Network is still down, although there are rumours circulating that it might be back up soon. Regardless of the blackout, Sony reported a 13 percent increase in hardware sales.

Source: Bloomberg

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