Hideo Kojima Not Attending E3 2011

By Colin Tan on May 30, 2011, 4:06AM EST

Bad news boys and girls. It looks like Metal Gear Solid genius Hideo Kojima will not be attending E3 this year. The big boss at KojiPro made a series of tweets earlier today noting that he'd been recording something since morning before following up with another tweet saying that he's "decided not to go to E3."

"I have been recording from this morining. http://t.co/jLLVqoo," tweeted Kojima only a couple of hours ago with an image of the recording studio.

"Since I decided not to go to E3, I made an interview video hastily. Asked Mr. Mark MacDonald (former editor at EGM/1up.com) to be an interviewer. http://t.co/p2Bx1rK," he said a couple of hours later before putting up another image of what looks to be a recording schedule.

"Today's recording. http://t.co/ydbBKPv"

Kojima previously teased several announcements for June 2, the same day as Konami's Pre-E3 event, despite tweets saying that something he'd worked on for the past year suddenly became "meaningless."

Source: Twitter

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