Konami Release First PES 2012 Screenshots

By Colin Tan on May 31, 2011, 7:30PM EDT

Konami have released the first set of screenshots from this year's instalment of Pro Evolution Soccer, which boasts "a more fluid and playable experience."

"The new screens show a variety of situations from within PES 2012 that have been bolstered by new animations, visual enhancements and control elements," says Konami.

"The Tokyo-based team has worked hard to ensure PES 2012 is a more fluid and playable experience, with the jostling system used in last year's game now enhanced to offer proper bodily contact and physical reactions, while close control and the team AI has been reworked to provide a more realistic recreation of real football."

PES 2012 will also feature beefed up A.I. to aid players in their plays: "passing and build-up play are enhanced by AI that ensures teammates will make dummy runs and support the player with the ball."

PES 2012 - Fighting for the ball

PES 2012 - Cassano

PES 2012 - GOAL!

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