Mass Effect 3 Introduces Jealousy, No New Love Interests

By Colin Tan on May 16, 2011, 7:30PM EST

Mass Effect may not have any new love interests for our dear Commander Shepard, but players will have the opportunity to "resolve" past relationships, even have new and old mates clash in a fiery put of jealousy.

Speaking with PC Gamer, executive producer Casey Hudson revealed that both Mass Effect 1 and 2 characters will be returning in Mass Effect 3. This ought to lead to some interesting exchanges should you have had a passionate relationship with Liara in the first game, but was busy in bed with Miranda in the second.

"A lot of people had romances with those characters, and now the fun is bringing back some of those characters from Mass Effect 1 and putting them back in the mix, and looking at what you did in Mass Effect 2 and bringing some"¦ interesting scenarios around those things."

Head on over to PC Gamer for their full Q&A with Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson.

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