Modern Warfare 3 Pre-order Bonus Poster Is Rather Shocking

By Colin Tan on May 17, 2011, 3:46PM EST

GameStop is giving away a double-sided poster with all Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders. One side depicts the the glowing green MW3 logo with a Spec Ops silhouette behind it while the other side is something that guns for the shock factor without remorse (yes, that was a nod to Tom Clancy).

The other side of the poster is a mock of a TIME Magazine cover, but instead of the usual goods, the imagery is of a ravaged New York, with Wall Street falling apart, rubble everywhere and the American flag left in shreds. It's surprisingly convincing.

One of the headlines reads, "World Stands on the Brink," with the caption, "Tensions rise across Europe" and "Coalition Forces on High Alert as UN Calls Emergency Summit."

Up in the top left corner, you can see portraits of what appears to be Soap and Price, who are apparently "Interpol's Most Wanted."

Modern Warfare 3

Source: Joystiq

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