Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Have A Greater Emphasis On Story

By Lauren Alessandra on May 25, 2011, 5:02PM EST

The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine featured some interesting new information about the next Ninja Gaiden title, Ninja Gaiden 3, which is being developed by Team Ninja.

The article featured a few screen shots from the game, which showed Ryu doing various ninja-esque things such as slicing up soldiers, climbing up a wall full of daggers, and finally running from a giant enemy spider.

As for what to expect from this installment, the level of difficulty will not be diluted in any way for casual gamers contradicting what they said earlier about the game's difficulty. There also will be both competitive and co-op modes, a greater emphasis on story, and even might utilize Move.

Be sure to check back here for any E3 covereage on Ninja Gaiden 3.

Source: NeoGAF

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