PSP Remaster: Here's What We Expect To See

By Colin Tan on May 26, 2011, 8:12PM EDT

It seems that the future of cloud gaming is getting closer than ever before with every step that Sony takes. First, the announcement of the NGP and its cloud storage service and now the electronics giant have announced a new brand under the PlayStation portfolio, "PSP Remaster." Very much akin to the PS2 HD Collections remastered in high definition visuals for the PS3, Sony is set on taking the many PSP gems and spitting some shine on it so gamers can enjoy them on their couches. These are just a few portable hits that ought to make it to the big screen in your household. So for those out there who just can't wrap their heads around the handheld scene, here's your chance to find out what you're missing.

Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear is easily one of the few series that can be remastered into one glorious package. From Portable Ops and its expansion to the Ac!d spinoffs and, more importantly, last year's Peace Walker. Fans of the series have already been clamouring for a PS3 version of Peace Walker, the PSP title already boasts a lengthy campaign with full-on online multiplayer features through the Adhoc Party app. It'll be interesting to see if the game only gets an HD visual upgrade, if it does get Remastered, or if Kojima Productions will go all out.

Monster Hunter
Granted, Portable 3rd HD is already rather official, but then again, the PSP hit has yet to be released outside of Japan and there's still no release date in sight, making the chances of a Western release Portable 3rd HD Ver. look awfully slim. Hunters have been craving for more since Freedom Unite's release two years ago and many were left devastated when Tri was cancelled for PS3, effectively becoming a Nintendo Wii exclusive. Tables will be flipped if this iteration stays Japan-only.

God of War
This one's a no brainer. You simply can't keep Kratos down. His two outings on Sony's handheld have been great for the system, shifting nearly 3 million units with Chains of Olympus and 600,000 with Ghost of Sparta. Ready at Dawn themselves were rather confident with the release of Ghost of Sparta, saying that the engine could easily output in 720p "” it's safe to describe it even as God of War III on the PSP.

Valkyria Chronicles
Does this really need to be explained? The original Valkyria Chronicles was released on the PS3, but due to less-than-spectacular sales, development of the sequels were shifted to the PSP, which had a much better standing in Japan and Europe. Should this be Remastered, fans will have their long awaited sequels finally back on the system where it all began.

Square Enix games
Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, The 3rd Birthday and even the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0, every one of these games have pushed the limits of the PSP hardware, to the point where the games look like late PS2 titles, if not better. A Remaster would be the equivalent of a PS2 HD Collection, not to mention fans who lack the handheld system will be able to enjoy the epic experiences they've missed out in the last few years.

These are just a few PSP hits that we would thoroughly enjoy see Remastered under Sony's new brand. Titles like Patapon and DJ Max would be awesome as well, but it's hard to expect much when they've carved such a niche audience for themselves. At the very least, perhaps the developers will see this as an opportunity to take things to the next level. After all, SEGA did it way before Sony introduced the PSP Remaster brand with Hatsune Miku Project Diva: Dreamy Theater.

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