Resistance 3 Box Art Is Strikingly Eery

By Colin Tan on May 18, 2011, 1:55PM EDT

We've seen the box arts for Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. In one form or another, it always portrayed the war at hand, be it a ravaged battleground with Chimera skull or Nathan Hale battling with himself. Resistance 3 is a bit simpler, but all the more striking.

Resistance 3 box art Resistance 3: Skull and Guns Resistance 3 Stamp Black Resistance 3: Capelli Version

Resistance 3's box art is a simple Chimera skull crest backed up against a propaganda red background. The cityscape of New York forms the teeth of the Chimera, rather subtle and certainly very effective.

The art was created by British artist Olly Moss, who worked closely with Insomniac to "reflect that in Resistance 3, YOU are the Resistance."

Senior community manager James Stevenson explained that unlike the first two games, this isn't a military shooter. The US Army and SRPA have been annihilated and all that remains are pockets of survivors living in a brutal world taken over by the Chimera.

Resistance 3 hits stores on September 6. A single player demo will be packed together with the Blu-ray of Battle: Los Angeles.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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