Resistance 3 Tour Of Duty Sounds Proper, New Screenshots, Weapon Details

By Colin Tan on May 20, 2011, 3:55PM EST

Resistance 3's campaign sounds awfully diverse and certainly quite different from the previous escapades of Nathan Hale. In a preview report form the PlayStation Blog, Insomniac's long-awaited sequel looks to offer fans a tighter experience, from weapons to AI and multiplayer.

PlayStation notes a barebones plot point where new hero Joseph Capelli meets Malikov by chance in rural Oklahoma where they discuss a "desperate" operation to annihilate the Chimera in New York, "sparking a road trip through an American heartland warped by the Chimera's corrosive influence."

As part of the world "warped" by the now-victorious Chimera, Insomniac Games have upped the ante with a new and improved A.I. system, giving the Chimera more "predatory behaviour" and the abilities to perform various roles: snipers will hide themselves within the foliage as they wait to pick you off.

Resistance 3: Capelli

On a more aesthetic level, the world has also been overtaken with Chimeran flora that "flourish in the frigid climate produced by the Chimera's terraforming technology." You'll be introduced to new strains of the Chimeran virus, including the Longlegs and Brawler which Insomniac have already revealed. Older strains return as well, such as the massive Widowmaker first seen in Resistance: Fall of Man.

Lead designer Drew Murray stressed that even the weapons have been re-built from scratch to reflect the atmosphere of the game.

"We rebuilt all of the guns, everything from the audio effects to the feel of the iron sights," he said. The Carbine has a bit more kick, but a slower rate of fire. In addition, there'll also be weapon upgrades that can be unlocked the more you use them, boosting each weapons' effectiveness.

More importantly, the multiplayer beta is set to kick off later this year, with specially marked boxes of SOCOM 4 offering beta access. The single player demo comes packed with every Blu-ray of Battle: Los Angeles.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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