Rumour: Third Attack Against Sony Planned

By Colin Tan on May 6, 2011, 5:27PM EDT

The most recent word going around is that hackers are poised for a third attack on Sony's network this weekend.

The hackers apparently have access to Sony's servers and are planning to publish customer information, including names, addresses and even credit card numbers. CNET News cites information that came from the IRC channel used by the hackers involved.

Sony had just recently announced that their new system had entered its final stages of testing. Another attack on the network will not only damage Sony's reputation, but enrage customers and authorities worldwide. Congress, Homeland Security and even the FBI are involved in the investigation on the previous attacks.

While it is still a mystery as to who is responsible for these attacks, Sony claims that they had discovered a file left on their servers titled "Anonymous," alongside the loosely organized group's slogan, "We Are Legion."

Source: CNET News

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